Solid Business Management Skills

puzzleI have always been what I call “naturally talented” when it comes to business management as I understand every aspect of running a business without any official formal training.  There are those that simply know how to run a business, there are those that have taken courses at a university to be taught these skills, and then there are those that really don’t know what they are doing when it comes to running a business.  Anybody who has operated their own successful business will tell you that there are many aspects to operating your business and doing it successfully.

I look at running a business almost like putting together a puzzle: without all of the pieces you can’t complete the puzzle.  I myself operate a very successful web hosting firm and I have found that my firm’s competition often copy what we do in an attempt to become as successful as us however they are only obtaining a few pieces of the puzzle in the process.  It is tremendously saddening that there are companies and entrepreneurs out there that will look outward for ways to be successful rather than looking inward at their business model to evolve it into what it has the potential to be.

When it comes to being successful in business it has very little to do with what other businesses are doing and very much to do with what you and your business are not doing.


iPhone OS 3.0 Less Than Perfect

iPhone users looked forward to the iPhone OS 3.0 since it was initially announced at WWDC March 17, 2009.  The latest major revision of the iPhone Operating System that runs on both iPhones and iPod touches promised many new features and improvements over the latest version such as MMS, Tethering, Push Notifications, and more.

While many of the features that were released with the iPhone OS 3.0 on June 17, 2009 were very anticipated there also have been numerous issues found with the latest operating system that one would think would have been caught during testing and development of the OS.  Users have reported that wifi connectivity is often flaky at best and unusable at worst, drop-down menus in Safari are no longer usable, and battery life in some cases is very greatly reduced.

While the iPhone OS 3.0 brings many new features that the iPhone community has been looking forward to I personally have rolled my iPhone 3G back to 2.2.1 until Apple releases an updated version of the 3.0 operating system that resolves these issues.  My question to Apple is: Why were these issues not discovered during testing and development of the iPhone?


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I’ve just now decided to use this domain as my personal blogging location and I’m just setting up WordPress.  I don’t really have anything interesting to say right now and I’m actually about to get some shut-eye.  I hope to get this all set up the way I want it tomorrow or the day after and then from that point on I can begin blogging until my heart is content!

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