If at first they refuse – harass, harass, harass, and threaten! [Updated 07/22/15]

Brick WallIt has been roughly 10 weeks since “The Professor” sent a Cease and Desist letter to the company I work for concerning content on one of our client’s sites. We refused to bow to this individual’s demands and that was the beginning of the harassment.  At this point I count no less than 20 individual messages in my inbox.  The Professor has called the company I worked for numerous times and asked the same questions and received the same answers.

The messages range from, ‘Do it please, can’t we be reasonable,’ to ‘Do it or I will contact your Dean where you went to college as well as the Attorney General in your state.’  Somewhere in the middle this individual consistently asked how much money they had to pay to get this post removed.  The fact that I find most interesting in this case is that had this individual simply accepted ‘No,’ for an answer the post he wants removed would not exist.  That post was drafted after the individual failed to grasp the concept that they were not going to get what they wanted simply because they demanded it repeatedly.

I am still, at this point, refraining from identifying this individual directly with their name as that is the least I can do as a courtesy. My desire to be courteous may not last should this individual not CEASE AND DESIST the aforementioned harassing emails and phone calls.

I am not out to cause The Professor harm or damages and most certainly do not wish to do so, however, I also do not wish to be harassed.  I do not want your money – no amount of money is going to cause me to remove the post you are working so hard to get removed.

I am willing to make only one concession.  Listen closely Professor.

If the professor comments on this post that they will cease and desist aforementioned harassment [emails, phone calls, etc] I will unpublish this post and refrain from updating existing posts and creating new posts about The Professor, his actions, or the company he is associated with. So long as The Professor keeps his end of this deal I will keep mine, should he accept.

If the harassment continues, and I hope it does not, I will continue updating this post and/or making new ones and possibly revealing more information about this individual as permitted by law.  Furthermore I can and will examine and execute the legal and criminal remedies available to me to end such harassment.  I don’t want to go down this route, so please choose wisely Professor.

The ball is in your court, Professor.  I advise you quit while you are ahead.

Update – 07/22/15

It seems that Mr. Polletta desires to continue the email harassment.  Within these emails he makes it clear he is going to continue his harassment by calling the company I work for and wasting more of our time.


No – I will not talk to you on the phone – please stop calling and harassing my coworkers.  No – I will not accept some bribe to take down my posts.  No – I will not take down my posts simply because you ask and/or demand it.  No – I will not respond to your emails – please stop sending them.

Future email is going to be documented but discarded – it will go unread by human eyes.  Your issue is with the webmaster of this site and that is me.  If you want to talk to me – you can do it here in the comments.

Have a wonderful day Professor.


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  1. In some of my older sites, I have seen some excerpts of my content copied and published onto a forum (many times as an answer to some question). Sometimes I have contacted the forum administrators (never the hosting providers) to at the least include a link to my site and they seldom respond. I think I deserve at least that for typing for hours with my RSI :). At least you took the time to look into this case which seems to be someone republishing twitter messages. Clearly, if you push something on twitter/facebook or even youtube you lose your copyright onto it. It is definitely not a crime…maybe just lack of creativity on the part of the person who did this.

    Btw I am a customer of MDDhosting and thank you for the awesome support.

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