SPAMMERS – I have a question for you…

While I don’t really expect to get any answers – I am a little curious.

I know that the reason spammers send spam is to make money.  I don’t think anybody sends spam for fun although I am sure some people have ‘spammed’ others to annoy them/etc.

With that said we get a lot of spam to “support@”, “abuse@”, “sales@”, etc…  Do you actually see a return on sending spam to these addresses or are you so readily able to send the spam that it really doesn’t matter?

I mean it would be great if the spammers out there would drop those types of emails from their lists as they tend to hit help desks/open support tickets and, as a result, wake people up.

The issue is two-fold considering hosting customers can, at times, report spam messages to us and other issues that may look spammy to a spam filter – but we need it to import into the help desk.

In short – if you really do make money out of blasting spam to these addresses – by all means do what you do – but if not, please consider pruning them from your lists.

I’ve been trying to think of an anonymous way for anybody that comes across this that does send spam to reply but then again I figure if you’re good enough at what you do you know how to make a comment here without any issues.


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  1. I think it’s easier to “include all” than selectively exclude when they are preparing their spamming campaigns. Any mails listed in any domain whois records get hit hard, in my experience.

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