Would a reasonable individual believe that everything I post is fact and none of it is my personal opinion?

So it seems that on my own personal blog I’m not allowed to voice my opinions should somebody else disagree with them.  While I find it odd that somebody would think that a large portion of what I write on my personal blog is not merely my personal opinion on whatever I’m writing about…. I’d really like to hear from you!

Do look over some of my posts here (there’s what? 22 of them as of this writing) and let me know what you think!  Do you think that a large portion of what I’ve written and posted is my opinion?  Oh, and I know I get a lot of traffic [lol] so I do expect at least a few thousand comments!

MikeDVB.com - Amazing Traffic (lol)
Yes, that's a peak of 81 and an average of 8.296 visitors per day...

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