Domain Squatting – Really???

So I have a new puppy and I’ve been searching Google to find a good resource for information on the breed and I was surprised not to see any really good forums related to the breed.  I love operating forums and I thought it was a good idea to perhaps register a domain and set up a forum for owners of the breed and this is where the problems started.  It seems that every domain name that I’ve tried that would even remotely work for the forum is parked by some sort of domain squatter as you can see with these examples:

This is extraordinarily frustrating and it makes me wonder how many others out there have wanted to start a useful and informative site that gave up because they simply couldn’t register a domain related to what it was they wanted to run a site about.  There are a few Corgi sites out there but the vast majority of them are simply short excerpts with a “Buy my book” link at the end.

At any rate, I’ve got my eye on a domain that’s set to expire here within the next couple of weeks and we’ll see if I can snag it before a bot gets it as it drops off of the registrar.  I’m 99% sure a bot is going to snag the registration the day it becomes available before I even have a chance to check and see if it’s available.  It’s sad that it has come to this.

To close this post on a positive note, here’s a short video of the puppy that has inspired my desire to launch a forum for all breeds of Corgi dogs:


  1. I have to agree this is defiantly an annoying issue and I don’t know any way for the Internet community to fix it. Expect for revoking domain names. I mean really its so stupid people buy up any domain they can and try to sell it for way more than its worth. And you go to the site in question and all it has is some stupid placeholder. Really whats the point of hogging domain names just hoping someone will buy it. It almost reminds me of the IP address problem. But at least their is a solution.

    But you dog is really cute. How are the cat and the dog getting along?

  2. The cat is at my mom’s house until later this evening. We wanted to give the puppy time to get familiar with her new home before having to deal with introducing the cat to the dog 🙂

    All I have to say is the cat better be nice because soon enough the dog will be bigger than the cat. Lol

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