If you ever make Kraft EasyMac, you should not walk away while it cooks in the microwave

Kraft EasyMac Meltdown My wife and myself have enjoyed Kraft’s EasyMac for a while now, popping one in the microwave when we wanted some macaroni and cheese but didn’t feel like going through the trouble of cooking some on the stove.  We’ve probably cooked several hundred of these little containers over the last few years and never have we experienced the issue that we experienced tonight.  I’m not writing this to give Kraft a bad name, but simply to make anybody who enjoys this food aware of this very serious potential issue.

We opened this container, filled it to the line with cool water, and placed it in the microwave for 3 minutes and 30 seconds just as we always have.  I watched the countdown of the microwave for about the first 20 seconds so I know for sure beyond any shadow of doubt that the microwave was set appropriately.  With about 60 seconds left to go on the microwave I walked back into the room to get ready to pull it out and mix in the cheese when I noticed that I could not see the EasyMac container within the microwave.  I opened the microwave door and was essentially ‘hit in the face’ by smoke and was shocked to see this melted container.

I do plan on contacting Kraft to make them aware of this, but I suspect they are simply going to say that we didn’t follow the directions.  I suspect they’ll say we didn’t fill it with enough water, filled it with hot water, or simply cooked it in the microwave for too long.  Being that I could easily see any of that, especially the longer cook time, causing this I don’t expect Kraft to simply take my word on it.  This certainly isn’t common or we’d all be aware of it and/or changes would have been made and/or the product would no longer exist.  The other three containers from the same pack did not experience this issue, so I am really unsure as to what went wrong.

The moral of the story is that if you are going to cook Kraft EasyMac in your microwave, don’t simply walk away and assume that you will come back to pasta that is ready to be mixed with the cheese powder.  You should stand where you can safely watch the macaroni cook and ensure that your container doesn’t melt down and essentially burst into flames.  At this point my wife and I are going to assume that all EasyMac containers will melt and, as such, will no longer walk away from the microwave should we decide to cook one of these.

More pictures (click for larger), please note that the microwave was *white* inside before this happened, you can see where it’s still white in the image where the glass plate is removed.  This stain is nearly impossible to get out and even with extensive scrubbing, the finish inside is still yellowish.

Kraft EasyMac Meltdown


6 thoughts on “If you ever make Kraft EasyMac, you should not walk away while it cooks in the microwave

  1. This same thing happened today to my son. There was 1 minute left and smoke was rolling out of the microwave. The container was melted more than yours. I will never buy this again!

  2. That’s hilarious — not about the cup but that this same thing happened to me too!

    The scent was horrible and I had to go outside just to stop myself from getting a migraine.

  3. Same thing happened to my daughter. Came back to a pile of black gunk in the microwave. Container was gone and the smoke and smell was horrible!! Hard to breathe 🙁 scary

  4. Same thing happened to me and I almost had a heart attack. I heated up one in microwave and it was fine turn around put second one in and helped my daughter in highchair wen I turned back around smoke everywhere and burnt Mac n cheese wft is this crap that it’s melting the container. Kraft had no answers and my microwave is shot to hell. Thanks Kraft for nothing .

  5. My daughter followed the instructions, not her first time making Mac and cheese, and the container burnt before the timing in the packaging filling our apartment with a terrible smell. Beware, don’t leave your microwave unattended when making Kraft Mac and cheese!

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